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Why Does the Lender Need a Pol icy on My Property

For the lender, a t i t le pol icy i s a guarantee that i t has a val id and enforceable l ien ( loan or deed of trust) secured by the property, that no one el se other than those l i sted on the pol icy has a pr ior claim (or loan, etc. ) and that the party to whom they are making the loan does own the property being used as secur i ty for the loan. Thi s protect ion remains in ef fect as long as the loan remains unpaid. The exi stence of a lender ’s t i t le pol icy encourages lenders such as banks , savings and loan associat ions , commercial banks , l i fe insurance companies , etc. , to loan money. They must be concerned wi th safety should the borrower not make thei r payments . The t i t le company insures that the t i t le to the proper ty i s marketable in the event of foreclosure and the guarantee i s backed by the integr i ty and solvency of the t i t le company. Of course, thi s benef i ts everyone—f rom the s ingle- fami ly homeowner to the owner of a high-r i se bui lding

What Types of Pol icies Are There?

Protect ion against f laws and other claims i s provided by the t i t le insurance pol icy which i s i ssued af ter your transact ion i s complete. Two types of pol icies are rout inely i ssued at thi s t ime: An “owner ’s pol icy” which covers the home buyer for the ful l amount paid for the property; and a “ lender ’s pol icy” which covers the lending inst i tut ion over the l i fe of the loan. When purchased at the same t ime, a substant ial di scount i s given in the combined cost of the two pol icies . Unl ike other forms of insurance, the t i t le insurance pol icy requi res only one moderate premium for a pol icy to protect you or your hei rs for as long as you own the proper ty. There are no renewal premiums or expi rat ion date. How is Ti t le Insurance Di f ferent Than Other Types of Insurance? Wi th other types of casual ty insurance such as auto, home, heal th, and l i fe, a person thinks of insurance in terms of future loss due to the occur rence of some future event . For instance, a party obtains automobi le insurance in order to pay for future loss occas ioned by a future “ fender bender ” or thef t of the car. Ti t le insurance i s a unique form of insurance which provides coverage for future claims or losses due to t i t le defects which are created by some past event ( i .e. events pr ior to the acqui s i t ion of the property) . Another di f ference i s that most other types of insurance charge ongoing fees (premiums) for cont inued coverage. Wi th t i t le insurance, the or iginal premium i s the only cost as long as the owner or hei rs own the proper ty. There are no annual payments to keep the Owner ’s Ti t le Insurance Pol icy in force. Ti t le insurance i s ext remely reasonable cons ider ing the pol icy could last a l i fet ime.

How Does a Ti t le Insurance Pol icy Protect Against Claims?

I f a claim i s made against the owner or lender, the t i t le insurance company protects the insured by:

1 . Defending the t i t le, in cour t i f necessary, at no cost to owner/ lender, and

2. Bear ing the cost of sett l ing the case, i f i t proves val id, in order to protect your t i t le and maintain possess ion of the property.

Each pol icy i s a contract of “ indemni ty.” I t agrees to assume the respons ibi l i ty for legal defense of t i t le for any defect covered under the pol icy’s terms and to reimburse for actual f inancial losses up to the pol icy l imi ts .


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