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Someone el se owns an interest in your t i t le A document i s not proper ly s igned Forgery, Fraud, Duress Defect ive recording of any document There are no restr ict ive covenants There i s a l ien on your t i t le because there i s : a) a deed of trust b) a judgement , tax , or special assessment c) a charge by the homeowner ’s assoc. Ti t le i s unmarketable Mechanic ’s l ien protect ion Forced removal of structure because i t : a) extends on to other land or on to an easement b) violates a restr ict ion on Schedule B c) violates an exi st ing zoning law Can’ t use land for s ingle fami ly dwel l ing because the use violates a rest r ict ion in Schedule B or a zoning ordinance Pays rent for subst i tute land of faci l i t ies Unrecorded l ien by a homeowner ’s associat ion Unrecorded easements Rights under unrecorded leases Plain language Bui lding permi t violat ions Subdivi s ion compl iance Rest r ict ive covenants violat ions Post pol icy forgery Post pol icy encroachment Post pol icy structural damage f rom mineral s extract ion Post pol icy Living Trust coverage Enhanced Access - vehicular and pedestr ian Map not cons i stent wi th legal descr ipt ion Automat ic Inf lat ion Protect ion (5 years) Supplemental Tax Lien Coverage Enhanced Encroachment Protect ion (Publ ic Ut i l i ty Easements) Water Rights Extract ion Coverage

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* Subject to deduct ible and maximum l iabi l i ty, which i s less than the pol icy amount .

Coverage is for 1-4 family residences This chart is intended for comparison purposes only and is not a full explanation of policy coverage. Policy coverages are subject to the terms, exclusions, exceptions and deductibles shown in the policy


Co p y r i g h t 2 0 1 7 S e c u r i t y T i t l e : Co n t e n t c a n n o t b e e d i t e d o r r e p r o d u c e d w i t h o u t w r i tt e n p e r m i s s i o n f r om S e c u r i t y T i t l e . A l l c o n t e n t h e r e i n i s i n f o r ma ti o n a l o n l y a n d n o t i n t e n d e d t o offe r l e g a l o r fi n a n c i a l a d v i c e .

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