Security Title's Selling A Home in Arizona

PR I C I NG YOU R HOME Without a doubt, of all the mistakes that a seller can make, price is the most harmful and costly. Price the home too low and the home will sell quickly, but the seller will lose money that is rightfully theirs. Price the property too high and it will not sell. The home will continue to cost the seller money in the form of interest, repairs and upkeep.

PREPARING FOR THE MOVE: There are four reasons that one must pr ice a home correct ly f rom day one of the l i st ing.

TIME Chances are that your home wil l ul t imately sel l at i ts fai r market value. Pr icing i t proper ly at the onset s imply increases the l ikel ihood of a t imely sale wi th less inconvenience and greater monetary return. COMPETITION Buyers educate themselves by viewing many propert ies and they wi l l always look at a range of homes priced compet i t ively. They know, or learn quickly, what i s a fai r pr ice. I f your home i s not competi t ive in value wi th those they have seen in the same pr ice range, i t s imply wil l not sel l . REPUTATION Overpr icing causes most homes to remain on the market too long. Buyers and agents become aware of the long exposure per iod and of ten are hes i tant to make an of fer because they fear something i s wrong wi th the property. Clean, wel l -prepared homes that are on the market for a long per iod of t ime hi stor ical ly sel l for less than thei r fai r market value. INCONVENIENCE I f overpr icing keeps your home f rom sel l ing prompt ly, you may end up owning two homes , the one your are t rying to sel l and the new home you have al ready purchased. Stat i st ical ly, the typical act ivi ty that i s generated on a property i s generated in the f i rst f ive weeks of the l i st ing per iod.


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